remove self-tanner

Simple ways to remove self-tanner

Every woman wanted to look cute and even tone, but it is not that easy task to have an even tone. Everyone will experience self-tanning in their lifetime, you can remove it quickly, easily and safely.

There are so many products in the market to help you but going natural will be the best option for you at the same time you can easily get fake tan off your hands at home.

Here are the different ideas which you can make use to remove the self-tanner and the best thing about this is these ways are inexpensive at the same time effective too.


When you see the streaks or blotches over your skin the first thing you have to do is exfoliation. When you exfoliate with the help of the body scrub you can remove the tan from your hands and other parts.


While using the body scrub to remove the self-tanner you should use it in a circular motion and through this, you can get the stunning skin.

At the same time, through this method, you can get a youthful appearance, as well as the streaks or spots that get, disappears. You can also get tanning lotion off your hands which gives the best result.

Lemon juice

Probably people know that the lemon can remove the tan that is present over the skin at the same time it is very easy to do. Just take the cotton ball and dip it in the lemon juice and run it in the circular motion away from the tan.

White vinegar

Most people don’t know that the vinegar can also be used to remove the tan spots. You can easily buy it from the grocery shop and start using it if you need to remove the self-tanner.

You should apply the vinegar over the tan spots and let it settles for 10 minutes from you applied, later rinsed it off with the help of the water. With the help of this white vinegar, you can remove self-tanner from hands at home and you can also get the best outcome.

Baby wipes

Not all the baby wipes do but some will do and those wipes will also give the pleasant smell. At the same time, it is easier to use than the vinegar or nail polish remover.

Final words

These following tips can help you in removing the self-tanner at the same time you will not experience any of the side effects through using these methods.

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