Author & FAQ

Hey you! So happy you are here! I´m an over 40 beauty lover and I am sharing here on my blog beauty tips – on how to look young and fresh and other inspirational things! I also like to debunk beauty scams and show you how to get free beauty products (I even published a book with all my tips- click below).


1. What is your skin type?

I have combination skin: an oily T-zone, but I am very dry around my eyes. My cheeks are pretty normal. I have forehead lines and wrinkles, crow´s feet around my eyes. Hey, I am  not in my 20s anymore! 😉 Sometimes I get breakouts- it used to be on my forehead, but these days I notice they are more on my lower cheeks (like almost where the neck begins) and my chin. I don´t have sensitive skin.

2. What are your beauty must-haves?

I have my absolute must-haves all listed here- from skin care to hair care and a couple of makeup items too. These are only true loved items that I have purchased many times and love since years.

3. What camera do you use?

Since March 2018 I am using the Canon EOS Rebel T6i and absolutely love it! It blurs automatically the background and you can easily transfer photos to your phone (with Wi-fi!)! It can do it all! Macro, Portrait- it doesn´t matter. Even if the light situation isn´t right- the camera fixes it! Recommend highly!

Welcome to Romance & Rebellion!