Can I mix my BB cream with moisturizer?

The moisturizer is the thing that can protect your skin from the external sun rays and also from the dusty particles.

These moisturizers are specially formulated to protect your skin but some people used to create the tinted moisturizer with the help of the BB cream and CC cream.

This is not the wrong part you can make use of this tinted moisturizer but there should be proper mix BB cream with moisturizer so that only you can get the best results or else it gives you the uneven tone over the applied area.

BB cream

Before you are making the tinted moisturizer with the help of BB cream you should know what BB cream is and the purpose of it.

The BB cream is formulated to protect your skin from the sun rays and also from the hydration and this cream get differs based on the type of skin.

So you should be very clear about it before mixing up the moisturizer with your BB cream. The BB cream is the multipurpose cream that has the following properties moisturizer, foundation, SPF, brightening, anti-wrinkle and all in one.

Tinted moisturizer

These BB creams are the light-medium coverage product that usually gives you the beautiful glow and for creating the tinted moisturizer with the help of BB cream the following things are required are the branded BB cream, serum, illuminating primer, silicone bowl, silicone spatula, 70% alcohol to sterilize and the moisturizer.

The BB creams are thinner texture than the CC cream. The BB cream used with a moisturizer is one of the best ideas which can illuminate your skin and also gives protection from the damaging sun rays and dirt.

While you are preparing it you should know it so that only you can do it in the best way and if you don’t have an idea you can get help from the experts they will guide in preparing it in the right way.

BB cream

At the same time, after prepared applies it in a little amount over your skin and give them little time if you experience any of the difficulties don’t use them.

There should be proper mixing moisturizer and BB cream when you didn’t mix it properly it may spoil your look.

Bottom lines:

Preparing the tinted moisturizer may not be the difficult task to accomplish but it should be done properly if you want to get the expected result. Better it is good to have the prior knowledge on it.

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