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It is possible to whiten teeth with baking soda?

The teeth are an integral part of your personality when you have the white and bright teeth the confidence level of yours will always be in the peak. But some people have yellowish teeth which makes them feel shy to communicate with others.

This is not at all the big problem there are several ideas to make your teeth white without any side effects and one among that is baking soda.

The majority of people used to think that baking soda whiten teeth, this is true. The active molecules in the baking soda can whiten your teeth within a few days.

Baking soda

The baking soda is a very common household product they are used for so many purposes. They are used to remove the smells and also in cleaning the carpets and stained clothes.

Now, this baking soda is also used to remove the stains on the teeth and commonly it is incorporated in the toothpaste also.

baking soda

Not only in the toothpaste is also used in several teeth whitening products. When you are brushing teeth with baking soda you could get the best results because they whiten the teeth in a short period. But while you are using the baking soda you should get to know that whether it will damage your enamel.

How to use it?

The baking soda is also said to be sodium bicarbonate in the chemical term. They are completely composed of chemical substances that make them mild abrasive. This abrasiveness gives the capacity for the baking soda to remove the surface stains.

At the same time, if your goal is to remove the stains from the inner or deeper part the baking soda is not a good idea because it might damage your teeth enamel permanently. These are several ways through which you could whiten your teeth with the baking soda and they are;

Baking soda with water

Add 1 tablespoon of baking soda and mix them with enough water. Then take the mixture and apply it all over your teeth and allow it for a minute and rinse it.

Coconut oil with baking soda

You can also make use of coconut oil instead of water which also gives you an effective result. Because this oily content removes the dirt or stains better than the water. You can whiten teeth fast with baking soda and which gives you the surprising results.

Final words

These are the very few ideas about baking soda if you are interested in making use of baking soda try to grab the complete knowledge about it before start using it.

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